About Hyde Park Square

Hyde Park has long been a magnate community in Cincinnati for people from many walks of life wanting to live, go to school, shop, eat and play amongst abundant green spaces, parks, shops, restaurants. At less than 5 miles from downtown Cincinnati, Hyde Park offers those who choose to live and visit here terrific proximity to the center-city as well as easy access to other destinations including the Greater Cincinnati airport, Northern Kentucky, and popular outlying suburbs. Think of Hyde Park as a picturesque one-of-a-kind “city burb” and you might be starting to get the idea.


Hyde Park was originally founded in 1896. The founding of this community was led by a group of prosperous citizens who wanted to design a community that would preserve natural and architectural beauty and provides a peaceful place for Cincinnatians to call home. Little has changed from then to now as Hyde Parkers to this day enjoy pleasant and historic surroundings especially perfect for a lifestyle that includes walking to and from home to schools, places of worship, shopping, dining, parks, and much more.

What’s Around the Square?

Surrounding The Square are over 100 specialty shops and boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, coffee shops, banks, salons, real estate agencies, and all fashion of independent businesses and merchants dedicated to offering one-of-a-kind merchandise and a unique patron experience.

Though many consider Hyde Park to be one of the most desirable, prestigious, and safe neighborhoods to live in the city, it’s worth noting that there is true diversity in Hyde Park housing ranging from multi-million-dollar river-view estates to mid-range family homes to starter homes as well as a wide variety of home and apartment rental opportunities. Homes in this area date from the late 1800s to in-fill new homes. Most are circa the early 20th century.

Kilgour Fountain

The people of Hyde Park had a gift they could enjoy for generations when Charles Kilgour donated his fountain in 1900. Located on the square, this classic piece features an elegant female figure with a headdress and wings that hold up two lion-like sculptures as water spouts come out from below them while flowing down into fluted basins at either end - all created by Cincinnatian sculptor Joseph Cronin (1859-1923).Following a complete restoration and revamping, Hyde Park Square was rededicated on Sept. 18, 1976, for the bicentennial celebration of the Declaration of Independence.

The Kilgour Fountain was built to provide relief for the community after they were upset by an extension of trolley tracks that would extend from Delta Avenue all way down Madison Road. In addition, this gift is part practicality; making it easier on those who live or work near there as well aesthetically pleasing our city's shopping district which will be within walking distance when completed.