Hyde Park Square DORA

A New Way to Enjoy Historic Hyde Park Square

As of July 2023, Hyde Park Square is officially established a “Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area”, otherwise known as DORA.

DORA is a specific area in which one can grab a drink from a local restaurant and walk around the area. Participants in DORA must be at least 21 years of age and are generally exempt from the “Open Container Law” if the drink has been purchased from, and is contained within, a DORA vendor and cup.

The goal of the this DORA is to further enhance the Hyde Park neighborhood as a destination neighborhood for individuals and families to live and play. Encouraging patrons to all our businesses in Hyde Park Square strengthens the community as a whole.

Where is the DORA?

The map above shows the outdoor area in which designated DORA cups are permitted. This area includes the sidewalks and park area around Kilgour Fountain.

The designated DORA cups are sold by eligible brick-and-mortar establishments and may also be sold by other approved outdoor vendors, such as for special events. In accordance with state law, patrons may only leave establishments with alcoholic beverages in the designated DORA cups. Further, no outside alcoholic drinks are permitted.

Currently, the following establishments sell alcoholic beverages in the designated DORA cups:
-Alfio's Buon Cibo
-Hyde Park Gourmet
-Mesa Loca
-Unwind Wine Bar & Light Fare

DORA Hours

The DORA will operate from 6:00 PM- 9:00 PM Sunday through Thursday and 6:00 PM- 10:00 PM Friday and Saturday.

Additional DORA Rules

Patrons are legally allowed to depart the establishment or site where the beverage was purchased and move freely around outside within the DORA boundary and with that beverage.

Signage: Will inform patrons of the rules and boundaries of the DORA. This signage will be a mix of “sidewalk tattoos,” which will be printed on the sidewalk to demarcate the boundaries and required storefront signage in participating establishments (selling DORA cups) to demarcate where a DORA drink can be purchased.

All property owners and establishments have the option of opting-out of participating in the DORA, although they are not required to display a sign in their storefront.